About Us

About Us

Hampshire Car Sales, or HCS for short, originated in the early 1970’s, with its first garage on Milton Road. Through the 70’s and 80’s, it grew from a small family business, into a multi franchise dealer. Terry Nobes, the Founder, brought brother Michael into the business in 1976 as a valeter, this is where Michael’s interest in cars blossomed. Michael was only a teenager at the time and continued his college education until 1979, when he became a full time salesman for the company.

As the brothers joined forces they pioneered some of the processes car buyers take for granted today. They were among the very first used car dealerships to offer warranties and servicing from their own workshops, allowing complete quality control, and an unchallenged experience for their customers.

Their emphasis on Finance allowed customers the ability to fund a better car, and even gave the opportunity for 0% finance. Again they were among the first in the country to do this. After moving to Denmead they were soon spotted by Toyota and Mitsubishi, and thought of as forward thinking with emphasis on customer service. Hampshire Car Sales continued as a main dealer for a few years before Michael left to start a Hyundai Franchise in Portsmouth, which, in turn, has grown into the Number One Hyundai dealer in Europe.

In fact, Michaels success with Hyundai has lead him to open further dealerships in Southampton and Guildford, and introduce other franchises into his empire. The Citroen dealership based in Portsmouth is one of the largest on the South Coast. The Richmond Name is now recognised nationally in the Motor Trade, and is unquestionably one of the most popular dealerships in Hampshire and surrounding areas.

Unfortunately Hampshire Car Sales then closed down 10 years ago when its founder; Terry Nobes sadly passed away. But, in 2015, Hampshire Car Sales was brought back by none other than Terry’s brother Michael. Michael Nobes, known locally as ‘The King of Cars’ is planning to bring customer service back to the used car market, by re-inventing the buying process and ensuring that all of HCS’s customers are the centre of attention.

If you are looking for a used car in Portsmouth and surrounding areas, with a new car ethos and professional advice, then come down to HCS today, and we will get you the car you want, at a price you can afford.

Vehicle Sourcing

With such an experienced knowledgeable team, vehicle sourcing is somewhat of a speciality for Hampshire Car Sales in Portsmouth. Our extensive knowledge of the motor industry means that not only are we able to source vehicles from Portsmouth and around Hampshire but we are able to source vehicles nationwide.

For more information please contact us here or call 0239 352 0020.